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Aug 15

All that bad?

For almost all of 2010, sports reporters have been using Toronto as an example of a city where the market share and size are there, but the winning simply is not. I believe that this situation really is becoming falsified! On the heels of seasons where the city’s NBA and NHL teams falling a game short and an extremely long-shot away, respectively, from postseason play - I think that this summer could be the start of a good fall in the province’s capital.

The Jays, the team I have loved for years, is full of amazing and up-and-coming young talent to fill the voids of the Roy Holladay’s and Joe Carters that brought so much excitement and winning of championships. The team is legitimately in the mix for the AL Wildcard spot at the end of the season and is holding ground in the most serious division in sports today: the AL East (Yankees, Sox, Rays). The team is on track for 85 wins and a winning record in the toughest division in their league, and has shown much progress in the now-obvious rebuilding phase from the second Doc left the office.

Raptors, eerily the Blue Jays down the road, have lost their perennial stars Bosh and Turkoglu, who are now hated beyond the likes of Vince Carter around the area - but have a young core ready to run for the postseason.  Although ESPN projects they fall extremely far from a seeding position in April, there is much anticipation that this team should provide the most exciting style of play seen in recent years. Should the team, based on pride and sheer athletic power (Johnson, DeRozan, Weems) hold the 2nd spot in the Atlantic without the stars of last year, it would make for an interesting tweet to @chrisbosh.

The Maple Leafs seem to have the team put together to make a serious run this year with the likes of Phaneuf as captain, Burke making huge moves (catching Versteeg, Armstrong) and Kaberle set to return. This team could be the wildcard of the East and surprise in the Playoffs for the first time in too-many years as the league’s most valuable team.

In other notes, the Argos? and TFC could be in the playoffs this year, so with so many Toronto teams with the right signs, why all the pessimism?

Jul 29

Alot of these plays in this top-10 are from returning players for this upcoming year? I feel a hightlight reel-filled year coming on, and I think this team can compete for the East playoffs’ 6/7/8th spot! No Cleveland to come between us (unless A. Jamieson throws a very frustration-filled elbow at Bargs).

Jul 20

The Raptors Offseason thus far..

After loosing their career guy in Chris Bosh (who is now the number 3 guy in Miami with Wade and James, and in hindsight much less of a difference maker than Vince was) it is now looking like the type of Raptors team that could still be very much a player in the Easter Conference Playoff picture next season.  I can see this team fighting with New York/Cleveland/Charlotte for that 8th spot.

As of this morning the depth Chart is looking like it will be this:

Toronto Raptors 2010/11

Point Guard: Jarret Jack - Bobby Brown

Shooting Guard: DeMar DeRozan - Leandro Barbosa - Marco Belinelli

Small Forward: Matt Barnes - Sonny Weems - Linas Kleiza*

Power Forward: Amir Johnson - Ed Davis - Reggie Evans

Center: Andrea Bargnani - Joey Dorsey

I would really love to see Reggie Evans kept for the continued mentoring of Davis and Johnson, as well as Marco Belinelli for the compliment to Bargnani at his new position at the 4th spot.

As for the next to leave, i’d say it is a good a bet as any that Calderon, Banks and Jones (Acquired with Barbosa) are shown the door in exchange for added depth at the wing (Klezia*), a starting centre (to move Bargnani to the 4th spot ahead of Johnson) or a legititmate back-up point guard in Bobby Brown.

I see this team as being young in the right places to build for future years as well as possessing the right peices to rebuild and generate playoff hype in the short-term.

Feb 15

Toronto Raptors At the Half

Watching this team lately has been nothing short of entertaining! A solid run to close out the half (2nd hottest in the league as of late), a dominant dunk performance by their Rookie, and a statement by their star, has fans and the organization thinking big things come April.


And then theres this issue, with such a dominant showing by Bosh, and the possiblity that his team could fall short, will the soon-to-be free agent flee? This was the conversation last time he was in Dallas for a regular season loss:

As recently as mid-September, I think it’s fair to say the consensus was that Bosh was the big name most likely to leave his current team in the summer. But all of our checking with Raptors insiders suggests otherwise…to predict what will happen with Bosh next summer, I say he stays. Every indication I get is that Bosh likes his current setup in Canada much more than we Yankee outsiders imagine.” Marc Stein/

TS: After a solid All-Star performance and regular season that has really hyped up in his favour, I think this same article would be more affimative - i think its Guaranteed he will stay if his team makes second round, or takes one of the East’s perrenial teams to a solid 7-game series in the First.  It would take a complete meltdown at this point for the Raptors to fall short of a berth, as ESPN predicts a 90% + chance of this team making it at this point. 

Nov 16

Heres the Recap on a Huge Game for Canada’s Basketball Team.

TS: Raptors Loose by just one point to the League-Best Pheonix Suns, run by Canadian Steve Nash playing against Canada’s Basketball team, coached by Canadian Jay Triano. Hockey will always have its place as Canada’s true sport, but on a night when only American teams won, this game was prime-time.

It was lost as Hedo Turkoglu, brought in during this past offseason to have the ball in his hands in the 4th, saw his open shot just rim out. This game was so fitting to have the Raptors win, as Hedo hit those shots against LeBron and Kobe just weeks before he was sent to the Raptors in the summer.

This game is BIG for Toronto and Canada. As the Toronto Maple Leafs got a month head start to their 82 games, and have put up only 3 wins - The Toronto Raptors have 5, enough for a playoff spot (I know it’s early).

Oct 25

The last hope…

For Toronto sports this year just may be the Toronto Raptors. With TFC just recently eliminated from playoff contention, the Blue Jays far from it, and the Maple Leafs off to a horrible start, the Toronto Raptors in their 15th season just may be able to energize the city once again.

With a solid starting lineup featuring recently-acquired clutch shooting Hedo Turkoglu, All-Star forward Chris Bosh, and regular star players Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon, this four-headed monster just may be the right one to lead the team to the Playoffs.

The new season for the Raptors starts in 2 days, with a game in Toronto against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Many experts predict the Chemistry of this team not to be there so soon, and state it will be a season long process of learning the cohesion needed, but also say that when this team is good they will be exciting to watch.

I’m predicting: 45-37, 6th in the East, 2nd in the Atlantic.

Oct 14

Oct 4

Yes everyone who follows, its been a while since a post.

Just finished watching this, Its the first view of NBA calibur play from the 2009-10 Toronto Raptors team! The game was played yesterday in Ottawa, Chris Bosh and Hedo Turkoglu were not active, but the team still looked great! Go Raps Go!

Sep 2


Before taking a look at the Raptors squad, I originally guessed the team this year had 6, but surprsingly the 2009-10 Raptors have 11 FIRST ROUND PICKS (and 2 Undrafted Players):


Rasho Nesterovic


Hedo Turkoglu


Chris Bosh


Marcus Banks


Antoine Wright


Jarret Jack


Andrea Bargnani


Patrick O’Byrant


Quincy Douby


Marco Belinelli


DeMar DeRozan

Jose Calderon and Reggie Evans went Undrafted.

TS: I believe with this situation, the Raptors have can have two perspectives: one being these players still have either the best basketball of their career ahead of them or are already perennial players and will make an extremely positive impact, or the players who are stars will continue to perform at their peaks, players never break the starting rotation, and will be forced to flourish on other teams. With the Raptors I will not make any predictions just yet, in terms of standings placing, but I will gather that this team will sure as hell be exciting to watch.

Sep 1

TS: Other notables to round out the rotation: Chauncey Billups, Anthony Parker, Morris Peterson, Charles Oakley. I think it’s safe to say, after this season the favourites will expand to include players such as: Hedo Turkoglu, Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon, and Jarret Jack.

Aug 31

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